Why This?

Because Motivation Is Hard

We want to help you stay productive by giving your work a little bit of structure and sanity.

We know we're not the only people on Earth that wake up, sit and drink our coffee with a side of social media, and suddenly realize it's cocktail hour and we've achieved nothing but finding out what animal matches our zodiac sign (Chinchilla and Sugar Glider respectively, if you must know.)

We'll never finish that proposal, fix our website, write that novel...unless we get to the desk! And now that we're often working from home...welp. Game over. Where's the remote?

WAIT! Don't let the moss reclaim you as you languish on your sofa!! Cue fanfare! Presenting...

Virtual Coach Working!

It's amazing what a bit of accountability can do. Once you show up at the desk, and there are people around you also quietly working, suddenly you're able to Get it Done.

Because Other People Say So

Don't take our word for it...

Because It Works

Awesome techniques lead to real benefits.