Who Indeed?

Is This For Me?

Team, we're coaches. We help people figure out what's not working and how to make it better. It's what we're made for. Virtual Coach Working makes solo working better, whether it's work stuff, creative stuff, or personal stuff. Think of us as the personal trainers for your brain.

We are not for all markets. Are you a self-motivated snow leopard of a person that does your best work alone? You don't need us! An expert person wrangler and can create your own co-work pod? Do it! Got so much work you're up to your ears in obligations? Don't add another one!

If you struggle a bit with motivation, have projects gathering dust in the corner, and just need a bit of human interaction? Then check us out.

It's For Us Too!

We started Virtual CoachWorking because it works for us. We aren't just founders, we're members. Working alone is hard. What makes it better? A little bit of accountability, community, and someone else to gaze at your navel with you.

See you in the room where it happens,

Stacee Mandeville CEO of Red Leaf Coaching * Katherine McDowell Founder of Critical Act