The Secret Sauce

Think of this as an overview of our best practices, house rules, standard procedures, what-have-you. Otherwise known as how we stay fuzzy, friendly, and focused

Stay Focused aka The Secret Sauce

the ways and hows of a session
  • Set Your Goals have your plan at the top of the session, or let us help you set one!

  • Keep Focused Turn off personal notifications (if possible) 

  • Give Energy during Goal Setting and Check-In (if participating) be present for other participants

  • Cameras On, Mics Off during work flow make sure you keep your camera on and your mic off, this is where the magic happens


Use the Chat for tech issues, questions, suggestions, cool links, coaching requests, etc. If we can't answer it in chat, we’ll break-out into another room to help


You Do You need to step away for a breather/cup of coffee/dance break? Do it!


Exit at Anytime need to leave early? Just chat us bye!

Stay Friendly aka Vegas Rules

what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

The first rule of Virtual Coach Working is do not talk about Virtual Coach Working. Well...tell EVERYONE about Virtual Coach Working, but don't talk talk about each other's projects unless explicitly collaborating.

This is a space where you can rework your resume without it getting back to your boss, where you can work on a project for an undisclosed client and it won't end up in the NY Times, where you can work on your great American novel without someone stealing your idea. That being said, if you ever DON'T want to share explicit details about your session goals, vague is fine. We trust each other here.

Stay Fuzzy aka Be Kind

this is a safe space

We know this doesn't apply to you, but we've all been to the dark corners of the internet. So we're just here to say that at Virtual Coach Working we do not abide cruelty of any sort. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but not at the expense of others comfort and safety. So please, be kind. And if you're not wearing pants, keep that out of frame.