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Who Are These Chicks Anyway?

Before there was Virtual CoachWorking, there was Red Leaf Coaching and Critical Act. Before that, there was A Midsummer Night's Dream. No really, Stacee was the Assistant Director and Katherine was First Fairy. It took a few years (10!!) and a change of venue, but we found the chance to work together again.

What began as accountability for each other has developed into a space that is changing work habits and building community all over the world. It's awesome, and so are we.

Part coach, part motivational speaker, and part mentor, I've coached business executives across the globe since 1999.
Combining my skill set and experiences from my classical theater training at Tisch School of the Arts with many years of coaching executives (and listening to their fears, hopes, and dreams), led me to develop the Red Leaf Coaching methodology: super “sticky” soft skills coaching that is engaging, entertaining, practical, and as "concrete" as soft skills can get. This stuff works.
My dream is to reduce toxicity and increase productivity in the workplace, all over the world, one team at a time, by elevating their communication skills. Think of me as a coaching Mary Poppins, just stopping by to turn your world upside down in the best way.
I've had the pleasure and good fortune to work with people in a whole bunch of industries all over the world through partnerships with companies like Merck, HP, General Electric, Societe Generale, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Lloyd's Bank, HSBC, Fitch Ratings, Verizon, A&M, Citigroup, Barclays, Business France, 1010 Data, and Levi's.


Critical Act
An actor turned coach, facilitator, and corporate role-play actor with over 10 years of experience in the field, I'm confident that the knowledge of performers and performing arts professionals is invaluable to all industries.
The name of the game is empathy and emotional intelligence. The tools and frameworks I teach shift established thought patterns and create breakthroughs, while role-play helps develop appropriate stress responses before a high-risk situation leads to permanent consequences. The people I work with confront the impact of their behaviors through experience, and get the targeted feedback that creates change.
With a BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in Acting, and an MA from King's College London in conjunction with RADA, I have worked with all organizational levels, from C-suite to new hires. I've used my skills to improve communication for professionals in banking, consulting, law, software, manufacturing, health and wellness, and education. As a bonus, I am also a 200hr RYT certified yoga instructor, trauma informed practitioner, and an avid traveler with visits to over 20 countries.

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