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What's Virtual CoachWorking?

Virtual CoachWorking (n): a perfect digital blend of co-working, networking, and coaching

Virtual CoachWorking (v): Crush your To-Do list: finish that screenplay, file those TPS reports, write your TED talk, update that deck, apply for a grant! Meet and network with shiny new people from the safety of your home! Get sweet, sweet coaching and collaborate with your fellow coach-workers!

Stay focused! Stay productive! Stay sane!

What's it Like?

Daily Sessions

  • Weekday Monday through Thursday at 10 am EST

  • Additional session on Thursday at 2pm EST

  • Join in when you want! No obligations or expectations

Additional Perks

  • Monthly Happy Hour on Final Fridays

  • Complimentary Lunch and Learns for community members

  • Weekly in-session Coaching included, additional Coaching available

Two Hour Long Session Breakdown

  • Everybody gets on Zoom right on time to share session goals

  • Phasers are set to MUTE but VIDEO is left ON (a strangely effective motivator!)

  • One hour in is an optional check-in/physical stretch/energy infuser, then back to work. If you're in the flow and don't need a break, keep your head down and keep crushing it

  • Session ends with an accountability check-in

  • We start on time, but leave when you want. You don't have to do the whole session (but you should)